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Ford Facts | When to Remove Your Winter Tires

The magic number for your winter tires is seven. When it reaches seven degrees, it is time to take them off for the summer. They are built with a softer compound than other tires that can break down quickly in the warmer temperatures.

All of the information you need to know about your tires is listed right on the side with the long row of numbers. The first part is a letter that tells you what kind of vehicle the tire is equipped for. If it says “P” then you know it is for a passenger vehicle. “LT” is for a light truck. Following the letter is a set of numbers that tell you the width of the tire in millimeters. The next set gives you the ratio of height to width. The letter “R” will follow that set of number to indicate it is a radial tire. The final number indicates the diameter and is listed in inches.

A slight distance from this information is another set of numbers and symbols. The first set of numbers provides the load index which lets you know how much weight that tire can carry. Next is the speed symbol that tells the maximum speed that you can travel on this tire. You may also see letters or a number that tells you if the tire was built to handle hazardous weather. For instance, you might see a snowflake for snow conditions.

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