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Thank you for your business, Winnifred!

Winnifred was invited to come down to our Private Sale.  Sales Associate, James called her the first day of the sale to make sure she got her invitation.  She said she did and mentioned that she didn’t think she could do anything until her current car (2016 Focus) was paid off more.

James offered for her to come in to see what we could do.  She came in with her daughter Dorothy from Sparwood.  She already knew she wanted an Ecosport and after taking it for a test drive and she loved it.  Once we put a deal together, she was blown away.  We actually got her payment less than she was paying on the Focus.  She was ecstatic.  Needless to say, she is the proud new owner of an Ecosport.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business and congratulations, Winnifred!


Thank you for your business, Darcy!

Congratulations to Darcy Bushko, owner of Solcomm Technologies Inc. in Cranbrook on his beautiful new Ford F-150. With the help of Sales Associate, Don Siska, Darcy will now be parking this new truck in his driveway! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.


Thank you for your business, Marlie!

Marlie’s Dad, Paul, is a mechanic here at the dealership. He also has an Escape so Marlie was familiar with the vehicle and knew she wanted an Escape before coming in for a test drive. This is her very first brand new vehicle and she couldn’t be more excited! Marlie had her FordPass App downloaded before she even picked up her new vehicle. Her favourite features are the FordPass App, big screen, backup camera. She drove it straight to work this morning after picking it up. When she picked up the Escape, she said “The best day of her life besides graduation.”

Sales Associate, Anita Roloff.


Thank you for your business, Tannis & Pete!

Congratulations to Tannis & Pete on their new Chevy Traverse! They’ve just moved back from Australia and came in on their bikes and rode around the lot, looking for an SUV with AWD capabilities and space so Pete can pack some of his tools for work. We’re excited they gave us the opportunity to work with them during the buying process and look forward to seeing them again!



Thank you for your business, John!

John came in for a service on his 2014 Ford Raptor and while trying to kill sometime he went browsing on the lot. John took interest to our 2017 Ford F-350 XLT. What really caught his attention was the stance of the truck with it having a lift kit on it, it towered over other trucks. John later that day decided to trade in his 2014 Raptor. Thank you for your business, John. We know this truck is going to be a favourite!

Pictured with Sales Associate, Brandon Perri (left).



Thank you for your business, Dustin & Britney!

A lot of Dustin’s family has Ford’s so he knows what they are about and he likes them. Dustin chose this truck because of its sharpness, as well as the aspect of it being lifted. The features he likes are the space in the back and the convenient features such as the heated seats and the 8″ screen. He traded in his former 2013 Subaru Impreza STI.

Featured with Sales Associate, Brandon Perri.


Thank you for your business, Marcella!

Marcella, from Calgary, AB saw our ad for this 2017 Ford Explorer on autoTrader. She chose the Explorer because it offers adjustable foot peddles, self-park and safety features. Featured with sales associate,  Brandon Perri.

Thank you for your business!


Thank you for your business, Chris!

On behalf of sales associate Brandon Perri (right) and all of us at Legacy Ford Fernie, we’d like to thank Chris (left) for his business and wish him many happy miles in his new 2018 Ford F-150 Lariat Diesel.


Thank you for your business, Jan

Brandon Perri sends a big congratulations to Jan on her new 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum. Brandon really enjoyed helping Jan choose a new car and on behalf of everyone at Legacy Ford Fernie, we thank you for your business!


Thank you for your business, Connie!

Connie saw our online ads for a big sale we were having on the weekend and when she came in to visit us, we had exactly what she was looking for, a 2018 Ford EcoSport SE. Connie traded in her 2011 Ford Fiesta and says she chose this vehicle because she likes the 4X4 drive aspect it provided and the exterior look of the EcoSport. Thank you for your business, Connie.

Sales Associate: Brandon Perri

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