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2015 Ford Taurus | Legacy Ford Fernie | Fernie, BC

Hi there, Craig from Legacy Ford Fernie and it was sunny two minutes ago, but now it’s snowing again here in March.

So behind me, I want to show you a new vehicle.

This is a 2015 Ford Taurus but it is still new. It only has 10 kilometres on it.

So, brand new, rarely driven, right now we have a MSRP retail price of $44,800. Big sale on this vehicle, of course, we’ll tell you about that later.

So, moving around the vehicle, I’ll show you a little bit about it.

It is a large model sedan, beautiful ruby red, with a 3.5-Liter Engine in it and then it comes with additional 20-inch Machined Aluminum Wheels, so good feel for the road in the summer and All-Wheel Drive, of course, so good traction in the winter.

So take a look at the inside, very nice clean stylings in this year. There you go, so silver trim. Ports, they’re still tangible, but they’re flushed against the console.

And it does have USB jacks, has a microphone jack, power points and then has audio visual plug so you can upload your own little screen saver or a wallpaper on to the sync program we have here on the Touch Screen.

Next we’ll show you the back seat, so usually, when you get a vehicle like this, you got to feel the people you want to transport around or you have some animals, there’s big back seat, leather interior all the way around; very nice. Look at that.

So if you don’t quite need an SUV and you’re looking for a nice big car that got lots of space, this would be it for you.

Let’s take a look at the trunk, one last thing. Of course, on remote it’s Remote Start, Heated Seats, Navigation, Leather, and then look how many golf clubs, bodies, I mean, backpacks and surfboards you can get in there; lots of room for you. A Backup Camera, of course.

Now you’re asking the price. How much is it all? How much it’s a 2015?

Well, we’re going to give you over $10,800 off.

So $44,800, now it’s $33,995 guys.

Come down. Drive it, All-Wheel Drive. We love to take you out. We’ll see you soon.

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