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2016 Ford Focus RS | Fernie, BC

Hey there, Greg from Legacy Ford Fernie. Here for another edition of Get to Know Your Ford. Before we get started, we start with talking to you. So, here beside me is the 2016 Ford Focus RS. This is your rally-inspired 4-wheel drive 350 horsepower Focus so it’s a special vehicle than normally out there and great day to day ride wherever you want. So, we’re going to walk around first thing you notice is its colour. This is the Nitrous Blue Quad-Coat colour so very nice, unique colour cos a lot of flash with the black Chrome rims so nice unique colour.

So, just in case you’d like to get groceries get them really quickly. We’ll show you the trunk space so you can see, you actually can fit stuff in the trunk also. There. You’ve got your back-up camera also. So, if you can please go around the other side, we’ll show you the back seat. Hi guys. So, as you can see, it is a mix of leather, suede interior. There’s still lot of room in the back seat if you do need other passengers and then go around the front, hop in, you got Recaro seating comfortable, nice bucket seats wrap you in and hold you in as you rally around better 8-inch SYNC 3 screen, heated seats, 6-speed manual transmission. Another deal is I’m going to fire it up so you guys can hear it through.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Fernie

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