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2017 Ford F-350 XLT | Legacy Ford Fernie | Fernie, BC

Hi there guys, it’s Craig here. Welcome to Legacy Ford Fernie, it is a beautiful spring day here but don’t worry it’s probably going to snow again. So don’t get out your shorts too quickly. Also the Fernie Golf and Country Club is going to open up this week. Beside me is the 2017 Ford F-350 XLT SuperDuty with our 6.7L powerstroke diesel engine.

Now this is the second generation, first year of this engine giving us now 900 lb-ft of torque, 425 horsepower. So we were top of the class in towing and payload before, now we are just upping the ante for the other guys. So you gotta come drive it, test it out. See how quiet this engine is too.So this one specifically we will do a little walk-around, we’ll talk a little bit about it and show you some specific features and then we’ll leave you with a nice farewell.

As you can see it is in our Ingot Silver colour, very nice colour that does not show a lot of scratching if are going to take it into the bush. It has the XLT Premium Package, which gives you the chrome bumpers, aluminum polished wheels as well as the sound package, SYNC 3 connectivity which is all very important as it helps you drive without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Calling your friends, making those phone calls on long road trips.

So a nice add on with this vehicle, it’s XLT Package and what they’ve done is they have put in power mirrors. So you don’t have to manually pull them out to telescope them or to fold them. Nice feature, again hands-free when you got your trailer hooked up or your boat hooked up behind you.

It is a cloth interior, light cloth interior. Clean, cozy, bench up front which means there is room for 6 passengers. And there is the 8-inch screen with SYNC 3 connectivity. And then we’ll go in the back, and the amount of room you get in the back so even if you don’t need all 6, put 3 up front and you’ll put the animals in the back seat here too. So that’s what we do love about Ford is the amount of room in our vehicles. It’s not overly bearing sized truck but the size it used really well to give you maximum space for all your equipment and animals.

So if you come around the back you’ll notice an emblem on the side here that says FX4 and some people get confused with their older models where FX4 was an actual trim level. FX4 is now an option, an inexpensive option to give you off-road capability. You get better suspension front and back. You get underbody skid plates on the vehicle as well as a larger front radiator. And when I am going around with customers I always like to show them the tailgate because it is an aluminum body so a nice light tailgate. You don’t have to be Superman to life these things anymore! So fantastic, light tailgate, backup camera right here pointing down at your hitch.

So when you are backing up your trailer you got your 8-inch screen, you can see the ball, you can see exactly where you are going to hook this trailer up to. So one person can do it all for you, that is key. And then of course these are your sensors so you know when you are getting too close to something else it lets you know by audible beeps. Safety again is the number one factor for us.

Keeping you guys safe when travelling as well as convenience and size. Remember, Ford is there for you guys! Of course with the XLT Package there are a lot more options that you can get. 5th wheel prep package, 5th wheel actual hitch if you want to put it in there, you can get remote start put in among a few other things. If you have questions give us a call at (250) 423-9211.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Fernie

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