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FordPass | Innovative Connections

FordPass | Innovative Connections

Take control of your journey through the advanced FordPass, an innovative app that connects your vehicle to your smartphone device for seamless communication and control. FordPass is able to connect with the SYNC Connect System in your vehicle to activate remove features, such as locking and unlocking your doors as well as remotely starting your vehicle.

Begin by downloading FordPass from your App Store or Google Play and login with your Ford Account, or create a new one. You then need to add your SYNC Connect equipped vehicle. To do this simply go to the Add Vehicle tab, where you can connect more than one vehicle to your app via the vehicle’s VIN barcode. Once your car has been successfully added, you are able to assign a vehicle nickname to help distinguish one vehicle from another.


Activate SYNC Connect through FordPass and then go turn on your vehicle to select allow from your touchscreen. After a little while, remote features will be available through FordPass, helping you stay in control, even when you are not in your vehicle. After 24 hrs you will be asked to allow FordPass at vehicle start up one more time to continue using the remote features. If you do not allow FordPass within 10 startups, you will lose access to some remote feature sand will need to reactivate your vehicle from the beginning.

FordPass is changing the way you interact with your vehicle by providing you with access to control. As technology advances, you can be sure to expect the best from FordPass for an elevated driving experience. Come down to Legacy Ford Fernie to learn more about FordPass today!

Ross North
Legacy Ford Fernie

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