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Free Customer Car Care Clinic

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Free Customer Car Care Clinic
October 21 at 6:00 PM

Meet Us In The Showroom
Refreshments provided

Car Clinics are designed to familiarize participants with their vehicle and the need for preventative maintenance, maintenance logs, understanding diagnostics and the complexities of onboard computers. Technicians will be available to answer questions and provide information and demonstrations.

Please RSVP to (250) 423-9211 or email Andrew@fernieford.ca


Chrome Check Mark (25 x 25)Winter Tires & Rims – Different Packages and promotions. Free tire storage for the winter. Benefits of having winter tires and rims.

Chrome Check Mark (25 x 25)Fluids and Filters – Demonstrate how to check each/all fluids, explain what it does, and the detriments, if any, of not topping off and/or changing them.

Chrome Check Mark (25 x 25)Visual Issues – Lights, bulbs, windshield wipers, etc.

Chrome Check Mark (25 x 25)Battery and Cables – Definition of what a battery does and how to make certain it is fully charged. Battery services, corrosion, battery acid and cause, best types of batteries to purchase, mounting, etc.

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