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Ford SYNC 3 | Connection Unleashed

When you need to connect while on the road, the Ford SYNC 3 system is there to provide you with features that offer safe connectivity and control. The features of SYNC 3 include all the existing features of SYNC, on an upgraded interface with additional abilities in a more responsive fashion. The following are the available features that bring you entertainment, connection and settings control when you integrate the all-new SYNC 3.

Use Your Voice

The voice-activated technology of SYNC 3 allows you to communicate with SYNC 3 in a day-to-day language that responds naturally to your voice. There is no longer a need for robot talk to enable the system to recognize what you are trying to say. Simply speak in your natural talking voice and experience the technology of being understood. Also available is the integration of SIRI Eyes Free and your iPhone, which brings in the ability to operate your iPhone on the go through the push of a button on the steering wheel.


Hands-free Calling

Stay in touch with all that is important to you while on the road through hands-free calling. SYNC 3 offers push button or voice-activated calling, which connects through the vehicle’s speaker system and your compatible device, giving you an in-vehicle experience that doesn’t distract from the road. Your contact information, such as names and numbers can be automatically downloaded into the system for easy access. In the case of an emergency, the 991 Assist system connects to 911 through your phone, free of extra charge, as long as it has been properly connected.


Drive to the soundtrack of your choosing as you connect to your music through SYNC 3. Voice commands allow you to access your music library through Bluetooth or a USB connected phone, as well as control your settings as you switch from radio to music to the available SiriusXM satellite radio.


The Screen

On SYNC 3, you are given access to an all-new capacitive touch screen which embodies a quicker response time, available navigation, and pinch-to-zoom. This system reacts with speed and accuracy to provide you with access through light taps and voice commands. Navigation is offered on the screen in an easy-to-operate manner with adaptive search results based on previous searches and preference.

AppLink and Updates

Connect your compatible devices to SYNC 3 and experience the convenience of automatically loaded apps to AppLink. From there you are able to launch these apps and access them through voice command so you can stay connected to the latest in innovative technology. App updates are also available whenever you have a wifi connection and will occur automatically.



Control your interior climate through the featured access that SYNC 3 provides. Set your favourite temperatures and make adjustments while driving through voice commands, or access these settings though the colour-touchscreen and its large, easy-to-use buttons. Never be uncomfortable again, even in situations where you need to constantly adjust the settings while on the road through this safe and innovative form of control.

A Complete System

Bringing control through a simplistic and advanced system, the all-new SYNC 3 changes the way you interact with your settings and connect to the outside world for the better. Seamless voice commands that allow you to speak to the system in your natural voice, and a conveniently located centre touchscreen connect you to what you need, when you need it. Change the song, access your temperature controls, update your social media and more as you allow SYNC 3 to transform your driving experience through flexible and convenient connection.

Ross North
Fernie Ford

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