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X-Plan Pricing

X-Plan Pricing | Ford of Canada Partner Recognition Program

X-Plan Info

Ford’s X-Plan Pricing is a partner recognition program. Eligible customers can purchase a new Ford or Lincoln model at 4% above A-Plan price, from January 1 to December 31. Eligible X-Plan customers can choose from Ford of Canada’s current model year’s lineup of cars and trucks, as well as new prior model year vehicles. New prior model year vehicles must be purchased or leased before March 31st of the current model year.

X-Plan Pricing eligibility is determined by the following:

  • Customer must be a resident of Canada
  • Customer must be an employee a Ford of Canada’s fleet account
  • Customer must show proof of employment with an eligible X-Plan company or fleet account; or proof of retiree status with an eligible X-Plan Supplier Partner company; or be sponsored by an eligible Ford of Canada employee or retiree
  • Customer must show proof of membership in eligible X-Plan organization
  • Customer must have an X-Plan PIN
  • Customer must be eligible for X-Plan benefits at the time of delivery
  • Vehicle purchased must not be registered in the name of a business
  • Leased vehicles have to be under the Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease Program

Certain restrictions and rules apply to X-Plan Pricing, such as the rules outlined in Ford’s Contests and Incentives Standard Programs Reference Guide. X-Plan benefits may not be combined with any other restricted offers; or used in deals where the vehicle is being leased through a financial institution, dealer-owned, or indepently owned leasing company. It should also be noted that X-Plan Pricing is limited to two vehicles per customer household per calendar year.

To enroll in X-Plan Pricing, the customer must first get the organized Partner Recognition/Supplier Code from their employer. The next step is for the customer to obtain their PIN by either logging-on to www.fordpartner.com or by calling 1-800-248-6674. Once this is complete, the customer must visit a participating dealer and identify themselves as an X-Plan participant, then select a vehicle.

For full details on X-Plan Pricing visit Legacy Ford Fernie – Formerly Fernie Ford.

Ross North
Legacy Ford Fernie

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