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New 2017 Ford F-150 Lariat | Special Edition Sport Package | Fernie, BC

Hi there guys, Welcome to Legacy Ford Fernie. My name is Craig, and I am here to show you the 2017 Ford F-150 Lariat Special Edition. So what is the Special Edition? It is an appearance package interior and exterior that gives you some nice red trim, a carbon stripe, a little bit of red trim on the lettering logo right there, as well as a red accent in the grille of the vehicle.

In the special edition, we’ve also got some updating in this vehicle as you can see we’ve done a 6-inch lift kit on it, we put on Wrangler Duratrac all-terrain tires as well as soda rims. That’s one of a few accessories we’ve done. Bushwhacker fender flares, wheel well liners as well as a tonneau cover on the back that we will show you in a second.

First and foremost will take around to the back seat show you the famed back seat of the Ford that is giving you lots of space as well as the inside accenting. We open the door, and I want you to pay attention to down below, one of the nice features in this package is the power deployable running board. They hide away when you’re driving, and they come out when you need them.

We take a look in the back you can see the red stitching, the leather suede seating and in this particular package has heated rear seats among the 110 volt and 12-volt power stations. Lots of power access for tablets, iPads, whatever you may need. This vehicle is an off-road vehicle, but I just took it for a spin, and it’s very quiet on the highway too when driving. Whether you need just to get groceries, or whether you are going to take it hunting or out in the bush mudding this vehicle will be able to do it all for you.

Come around back. We will talk about the rear end now. Of course, your key fob stays in your pocket the whole time, but if you need to take it out. You can access the power tailgate power. The power tailgate is fantastic this is our hard tri-fold cover. Now if I am putting things into the bed here, I don’t want to hike up in here, so I’m going to use the tailgate step. Getting you a lot easier acted in the back of the vehicle. You don’t need the 6″ lift to require this, but it is always nice.

Come around the other side here get a full view of the truck. One of the other niceties with this 302 Apack or 502 Apackage, is you get HID high beams, or HID headlights, Auto high beams, great for night driving. Also we will show you the front seat, the push button start and a few of the other accessories coming in the vehicle.

So again red stitching on the steering wheel, red stitching up top, push button start, bringing in SYNC3 screen powering up. Beautiful vehicle guys, it is approximately $72,000 plus accessories and taxes and fees of course. We got to pay our government a little bit of money. Come down take it for a spin. We would love to see you! Have a great day.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Fernie

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