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Connect with Your Ford Like Never Before with Ford Pass | Fernie, BC

Hey guys, Craig here from Legacy Ford Fernie and we’re going to talk to you inside our showroom here. Behind me, I’ve got a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium. Instead of doing a walk-around, which we have done a few of, we are going to talk about cell phone technology and connectivity to our vehicles.

First and foremost we learned about SYNC3, we have learned about using the on the steering wheel to connect your navigation, to call people, to answer phone calls, listening to text messages, controlling the stereo. Now we have Android Auto and Apple Car Play, where you have your iPhone screen on out 8″ display here, very convenient for all those iPhone users.

We also have Ford Pass which to my left you can see the display we have and what Ford Pass does is, it allows you use your cell phone to connect to the vehicle remotely anywhere in the world. It’s just like the commercial will show you where you can start/stop the vehicle from anywhere you want. Lock/unlock and locate your vehicle, schedule daily starts of your vehicle; so you know you get in your vehicle 7:30 every day, you can have it set seven days a week to start at 7:20 every morning.

Now you say, what is the advantage of being able to start your car from anywhere in the world? Well here in Fernie we have the mountains. Imagine it’s minus 30 outside, and you are the top of the mountain you say okay, my last run. I want to start my car, you’re on the chairlift, you get on, you start your vehicle, you get down and it is warm for you right away. One small example of how that can be a benefit.

Other benefits of the new software, the new program is having warranty updates, recall updates that come directly to your phone and notify you if there’s a warranty or recall on the vehicle. You can have scheduled maintenance such as oil changes or standard maintenance that is scheduled for your vehicle.

The best thing is come down, talk to us, do some reading on it. Download the app Ford Pass on the Google Play Store and get to know the technology, it’s there for your safety, it’s there for our safety and everyone else on the road. It’s a huge benefit, and it’s getting better and better every day. Take a look online, research it, give us a call. Just play within the vehicle with us, and we will show you how it works. Come on down, we will see you soon.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Fernie

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