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2017 Ford F-150 XLT | Ruby Red Colour | Sport Package | Fernie, BC

Hello, guys. Craig from Legacy Ford Fernie.

It is officially spring! The Fernie Golf & Country Club driving range has opened, so we’ll see you down there, but I want you to know we’re not talking golf, we’re talking trucks! Behind me is a 2017 Ford F-150 XLT, in a Ruby Red colour. We don’t always do regular XLT, we don’t do regular trucks, we did a bit of upgrading on our trucks, and this one here specifically has 4″ lift kit put on with some Mayhem rims. The Wrangler DuraTrek off-road tires. As well as the Bushwacker fender flares, giving it a nice sporty look.

Being a little sporty, it has the Sport package on it, which means no chrome whatsoever. So body colour bumpers, black side mirrors, black running boards, and black rear bumper also, body colour rear bumper also.

If we do a walk around, we’ll open the back seat. I know, you guys already know it by now, you know how big the back seat is, you know the difference, so you can make everything flat, or your cargo flat, whether you have groceries or sports equipment, or you just want to have a little dance party at the back. Come on back and take a look, and then I’ll show you some features from the back.

One thing we don’t often talk about is, what if you get in trouble, and you blow a tire, you have to replace your tire. Behind the passenger rear seat is where you find the funnel so you can fuel your tank with a jerrycan, should you run out of gas, or your jack and equipment to lower your tire underneath the truck. Take a look, easy access, all right there for you.

In the Sport package, we have wood grain trim, we have our carbon grain trim here also. Depending on your preference in styling, this could be the truck for you. Of course coming with the Sport 4×4.

As you move around to the back of the vehicle, it is 6 1/2′ box. Also comes in 5 1/2′ box, whatever you prefer. Here in the back, of course, you have the backup camera. LED light for it. You have the tow hitch, 7-pin, and 4-pin connectors for you. And then, because of the lift, you are surely going to want something more, so we have the step for you too. If you want some assistance, here we go. Easy access to the vehicle even with the liftgate. It’s pretty fantastic.

In this package, you get LED box lighting. Difficult to see in the daylight but when you have the tonneau cover on it to protect your groceries from rain, or your ski gear from rain, you can see all the way through from the front of the vehicle. Very nice.

What we’ll do is we’ll zoom in on the tires so you can see what the Wrangler DuraTrack has on it. It’s got a little tread on the sidewall of the truck. It’s been in the mud already once before. If you are going off-roading, you’re shuttling a person; you’re hunting, it is great to give you traction on all sides of the tires.

Last but not least, before we send you on your way, we’d like you to come and try the vehicle. Of course, on the front of the vehicle, again, carbon trim, and we have a Sports seating, along with our Sync3 8″ screen. Voice recognition, heated seats, remote start.

Now guys, I can talk forever about this vehicle, but you’d probably come in, ask me some more questions, I’ll try and make sure you know our staff. We got new people coming in. We got good service techs, we’re training up quite a lot of them all the time to make it better for you guys. So, come down, say ‘Hi’. We’ll see you soon.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Fernie

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