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2017 Ford Fusion Platinum | Fernie, BC

Wow! Remote start, yeah. Craig from Legacy Ford Fernie.

I am here with the 2017 Ford Fusion in White Platinum tri-coat, in the Platinum model. Platinum model is the top of the line for this vehicle. It is cushy. It is soft, it drives beautifully. Does everything you want.

Some of the small features we will talk about right now, such as, if you come down and zoom right in here, those things, those are sensors, so we got forward sensors, 360 degrees around. If kids jump in front of you, bricks fall, whatever else jump right in front of you, this vehicle will recognise it and set up an audible alarm so you can see what’s going on. You can see it in the camera, and you know on the TV, you will put on the brakes and hammer down.

Other things could be, like Adaptive Cruise Control, our sync 3, of course, sunroof. Why don’t we do a walk-around, we’ll talk a bit more about it. So come on around here. Of course, we’ll look on the inside of the vehicle first and foremost. You can see just how beautifully comfortable it does look and feel, so a soft leather, white cream leather with a matching brown interior. There’s the Sync 3 screen. A nice slight woodgrain. So, very stylish vehicle and because we’re going into summer, we’re not going to talk about heated seats, of course it has, but it has air-conditioned seats too. If you never tried it, the cold air feels a little bit weird blowing up your keister, but you’ll get used to it, it is delicious.

Come on, and we’ll take a look in the back of the back seat. In case you’ve got passengers, of course. We’ll take a look back here. So of course, nice room, bucket style seats for the rear seats. And as with any Ford, particularly in this trim level, you get lots of power points.

If you’ve got your kids, your grandkids, or even if you’re like me and likes to have a tablet in front of him all the time, playing Candy Crush, then you’ve got power points. 110V USB, or 12V plugs to make sure you’re always charged up and ready to go.

Come on back to the back of the vehicle. Of course, we got more sensors down here, and then a traditional EcoBoost symbol showing as EcoBoost Turbocharged engine. And as most of the vehicles here, we need to have in the mountains, it is all-wheel drive, or 4-wheel drive depending on your vehicle.

In the trunk, lots of trunk space. And for me, in my vehicles, I always need room for two sets of golf clubs, easy at the back here. Of course, you can fold down the rear seats to get access to your ski gear if you needed to, for the winter.

And finally coming around the vehicle, easy access to the fuel port, and capless fuel tanks, as in with every other vehicle, every other brand nowadays. So, beautiful vehicle.

Come take a look at the tires. You’ve got 19″ wheels, low profile, giving you a good stick to the road in all conditions, as well as a good feel. Stiff steering wheel, so if you want to step on it, use the turbochargers in the EcoBoost, you got lots of power to go for it.

Again, nice key fob for you, tactility, so you can open and close the doors, lock the vehicle with this in your pocket the whole time just by touching the doors. What people don’t notice, is what if you kill the battery, you leave the lights on, what do you have to do? How do you get in? Well, luckily enough Ford has thought about that too, and there is your physical key there. If you need to boost the vehicle, you can always get in at any time guys.

This is the 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum Edition. We have Titanium edition, we have the basic models too, so if you need anything, come on down, say ‘Hi’ to us. We are happy to help you out. Have a great day.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Fernie

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